How to Join

Join us for the final two concerts of our spectacular season, “Psalms of Praise” featureing Leonard Bernstein’s “Chichester Psalms” at First United Methodist Church in March 2018, and “A Summer Salute to Broadway” in June 2018.  See our full calendar here.

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Adult Choir, Orchestra (If you are looking for our list of other volunteer positions, click here)

Adult Choir Auditions

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Please read below for more information on joining the Choir.  Contact Us for more information or with questions..

  • Each audition will test vocal quality, range, sight-singing skills and ability to adjust your singing to various musical directions (e.g. sing that phrase again, this time legato).
  • Candidates should come prepared to sing a song you are comfortable with and that represents your best vocal ability (hymn, aria, lied, art song, folk song, etc.) Candidate will also be given a series of vocal exercises to sing, as well as basic choral parts for sight reading. PLEASE DO NOT BRING AN ACCOMPANIST, YOU WILL SING UNACCOMPANIED OR ONE WILL BE PROVIDED.
  • Each choir member is asked to commit to the following points so that we as an organization and individually can strive for excellence in musical performance.

Attendance and Tuition

  • Choir members commit to (at a minimum) a 9-month concert season, September to June.
  • Attendance is required at all concert performances including tech and dress rehearsals (Dress rehearsals are defined as two rehearsals before the first concert).
  • Attendance at weekly rehearsals is critical to our success. While 80% attendance is the minimum requirement, most PCO members average between 90—100% attendance.
  • Any exceptions to the above require advance approval from the Music Director. Details for any leave of absence within the season must be worked out and approved by the Music Director well in advance, including the date for possible re-entry and whether a re-audition will be necessary at that time.
  • Choir tuition is $90 payable in one sum by the first of October.

Concert Attire

  • It is the responsibility of each individual member to purchase the approved tuxedo or dress within two weeks of acceptance into the choir. These are purchased through PCO (currently $120 for men and $90 for women.)
  • Members who find the cost of performance attire to be prohibitive should contact the PCO President for assistance.

Ticket Sales

  • Each member is encouraged to sell tickets for the concerts to friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Sheet Music

    • Choir members maintain a black binder of their choosing that can be used (when needed in a concert setting).
    • The music binder and a pencil are required at all rehearsals. All music is loaned to choir members from the PCO library and may be lightly marked in pencil.
    • Members not returning music at the final concert in a concert set will be assessed a $10 late fee. Music not returned by 30 days after the concert will be assessed a $5 per piece replacement fee.

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Orchestra Requirements